Panel Refurbishing Services

Panel Upholstery Services

We offer a full range of refurbishing options that will enhance your office décor and extend the life of your capital investment. We’ll help you create a whole new work environment with a variety of refurbishing options designed to fit every budget.

As-Is: Existing panel fabric and trim paint colors are to your liking—least expensive $

Partially Refurbished: You choose the items to be replaced based on your budget. Popular choices include panel fabric–standard grade but many color options, work surface style and color, trim paint color(s), storage options (open shelves, closed shelves, pedestals), and power upgrades—low to moderate cost range $ – $$

Completely Refurbished: All that meets the eye (and beyond) will be new. You’ll give your new offices a designer look by selecting upgraded fabric color and pattern, custom work surface style and color, coordinated paint color(s) for trim pieces and metal components, new storage and lighting options, and upgraded power—most expensive $$$

Panel Cleaning Services

Are you aware that most fabric panels can be cleaned much the same way as carpet? We will clean panels on-site without dismantling the cubicles-this is especially good for high traffic areas. Or we will bring them back to our facility as part of a move or reconfiguration project, maximizing your entire refurbishing effort. Final results and drying times will vary depending on fabric type and nature of stain.