Delivery, Installation & Moving

Delivery & Installation

We have a fleet of vans and trucks and our own trained installation crew to provide our clients with prompt delivery and efficient merchandise set up. There’s no need to hire additional service contractors to install panels, set up furniture, or move employees. Our installers have experience with all the major office panel systems.


Some projects require moving people (or entire departments) from one part of the building to another. We understand the growing pains many companies go through, and we’re here to help. It doesn’t have to be within the same building though. We move people from one building to another, one complex to another, even one town to another. Whatever your moving needs are, we have the equipment and manpower to do it.


Sometimes companies find their current office furniture set up does not meet their needs anymore. R-Squared can work with you to redesign your space, and get the most value out of the furniture you already own. We can provide supplemental product for most major office furniture manufacturers.