Paint Finishes & Surface Laminates

Paint Finishes

We offer new paint for all metal components to give workstations and furniture that “brand new” look and feel. File cabinets, bookcases, even desks can be painted (if needed). All the exposed metal workstation components can be painted, such as:

  • Top caps
  • Base plates
  • End rails
  • Cantilevers and brackets
  • End panels
  • Pedestals

There are two paint methods available—electrostatic powder coating and epoxy enamel. The method used depends on the item and how it will be used. Each furniture manufacturer has standard colors they’ve developed for their product line. We’ve included the most popular ones below. Other colors are available. Ask our sales staff for the most current finishes offered for your furniture manufacturer.

Surface Laminates

Our in-house woodworkers are skilled at refurbishing worksurfaces to specification. We offer new vinyl edging in a variety of colors. Our craftsmen are skilled at cutting, re-edging, repairing or replacing laminate. For large jobs we outsource our worksurfaces to large-scale woodworking shops for volume and speed.

Many customers order their worksurfaces new so they have control of color and finish. Laminates are available in a wide variety of colors—solids, speckles or woodgrains, and finishes—from high-gloss to matte. Our most popular laminate lines are WilsonArt, Formica and Pionite. Together they offer hundreds of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from. Other manufacturers are also available.

Stop by our showroom to view the latest color options available for paint finishes and surface laminates. Or contact our Sales Department to have the latest information sent to you.